Canadian Citizenship Test: What Is It And How To Prepare For It?

In order to become a Canadian, passing the Canadian citizenship test is highly necessary. This is scheduled after you’ve applied for citizenship and successfully met the other criteria to become a Canadian. Applicants who are between 18 to 54 years old will be required to take this exam.

When you get your notice, it will state where and when you will take the exam, what you need to bring, and what you should do if you need to reschedule. To further guide you, here are some tips to help you prepare for the exam and pass it with flying colors:

What is the Canadian Citizenship Test?

The Canadian citizenship test will determine your level of fluency in English and French as well as to see whether you are aware of the Canadian government, history, civics, culture, and so much more. This is usually an oral interview or a 30-min long multiple choice written exam. However, the duration of the whole process might vary depending on how many citizenship officers who are on duty at the time, and how many applicants are taking the exam on the same day.

For those who cannot write or read fluently in English or French, which may hinder them from accomplishing the written versions of the test, they will be instructed to attend a 30 to 90 minute interview with a Canadian citizenship officer. Most often these are commonly conducted in person, but may also take place via teleconference.

How to prepare for the exam?

Check the venue’s address. Prior to the test, estimate the time you need to reach the venue and adjust accordingly. By doing this, you will be aware of the perfect time to leave your house to reach the venue on time.

Prepare yourself. You should eat before the exam so you won’t be hungry during the test. You can’t bring snacks inside the exam room, but you can eat them in the waiting area. Make sure to sleep well the night before the test so you won’t feel groggy the next day.

Try practice tests on the Internet. Make sure to invest your time taking online practice tests before the exam day. This would help you prepare more by answering related things that might be included on the actual exam. Most of the time, there are some reliable sources that offer these for free. Just remember to find a reliable citizenship test source to help you with this.

Gather the required documents. As part of your interview and exam, you will need to bring the original copies of the documents you sent with your application including passports or any travel papers you had in the last five years before you applied for citizenship. It is better to also have a photocopy of these papers. Most importantly, check the instructions on the invitation letter sent to you and make sure to bring this letter with you on the exam day.

What are the factors you need to remember?

Observe punctuality. Know where and when your interview or exam will take place. Be sure to note these details down so you’ll be reminded. Remember that if you fail to attend your interview, your application process may be delayed, so make sure to show up on time.

Avoid bringing companions. You can’t take your family or children inside the test room. Hence, it is better to bring your kids in child care before the exam. On the other hand, your friends or loved ones can wait for you in the waiting area but note that the test procedure might take a few hours. So it is best if you avoid bringing companions with you.

Show good behavior. Read the dos and don’ts given to you in the invitation letter. Make sure to follow each of them carefully. Most importantly, do not talk during the test, and do not attempt to look at your seatmate’s test paper, as doing so will cause you to fail your exam.

What if you failed the test?

Those who will pass the exam, you will be given a citizenship ceremony schedule, including the date and time. As for those who fail to pass on their first try but met the requirements of Canadian citizenship, a second chance to take the exam will be provided. If on the second attempt they failed again, a citizenship interview will be scheduled for them. Usually, the Canadian citizenship test results are released on the same day, but may also be sent thru mail sometimes.



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